Nursing Care × IoT = "Mimalog Cloud" | What is safe and secure facility for user? | What is thoughtful watching service? | What is ICT system easy to use for staff?

The voice of related people such as user, family, staff and manager is incorporated.

To introduce the cloud service「Mimalog Cloud」intended for the most advanced nursing care facility.



To let users with smile and no burden to spend everyday comfortably, what shall we do?
To let he entrust his parents to us safely, what shall we do?
To make staffs actively, smiling to provide services, what shall we do?
Through ICT and IoT, “Mimalog Cloud” is a system formed by the passion idea.


Birth Background

“Mimalog cloud” is developed based on know-how of long-term facilities management by the Yasuragikai Social Welfare Corporation. Saito Facility Director (the Yasuragikai) as the designer has seeked ideal elderly housing with services from a few years ago.
At the time of Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan opening, the dream is achieved by evolution of ICT and IoT technology visited.
Beginning with the idea for several years, the opportunity is visited in the summer of 2015, and the “Mimalog Cloud” and “Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan” were born in the spring of 2016.


Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan

At auspicious day March 21, 2016, 「Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan」 was born in Hachinohe City by the ‘Sanpo-yoshi’ principle (benefit for user, family and facility) with new technology power.
Under high morale staff, the business is also supported by Mimalog Cloud fused by Blue Ocean Note and IoT sensor at this instant.
About details of mechanism that the Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan had and made maximum use of ICT and IoT technology, please see FUNCTIONS section.

Introduction to Mimalog Cloud

Hakusandai Yasuragi Kan



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